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Tips on refinancing your home loan - Gold Coast - Brisbane

Tips on refinancing your home loan

If you have an existing home loan and you’re not happy with your current lender or your home loan interest rate, you can seek to refinance your home loan with Nexhome Finance.

Refinancing is a way of changing the original conditions of the mortgage attached to your home. By replacing your existing home loan with one that has better conditions such as the interest rate, term and other conditions, you get to keep your existing your home but take advantage of changing the mortgage provider.

When you refinance, you do not need to sell your home!

Sometimes significant financial gains can be achieved by utilising better interest rates, longer terms and reducing other lending fees and conditions by refinancing through another lender.

Refinancing can also be a way to reduce the financial burden of mortgage repayments that have been locked in at high, fixed rates, to access equity in your home if you are seeking to purchase an investment property, undertake renovations, or for debt consolidation.

Whatever the reason for refinancing might be, it always pays to seek the professional advice of Nexhome Finance before you undertake any refinancing.

Our expert and dedicated team can alleviate much of the confusion and stress that comes along with refinancing and guide you through the minefield of new loan contracts and any associated fees and charges you may incur.

Nexhome Finance specialise in Gold Coast and Brisbane based residential property purchases, and with access to over 30 lenders, we are confident we can source the best and most appropriate home loan for you to refinance to.

If you’d like to see if there is a better deal out there for you, call the industry professionals at Nexhome Finance on 0412 525 706 about refinancing your existing home loan.

We will just need you to gather your current home loan statement and take some financial details from you to start the ball rolling.

Nexhome Finance also offer construction loans, investment loans, property sourcing, vehicle and equipment finance, commercial property finance, insurance and other loan products to our Gold Coast and Brisbane clients.