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Nexhome Finance Gold Coast assists people with personal finances and business finances. We can help you with your homes loans, refinancing, investment loans, construction loans, property sourcing, vehicle and equipment finance, personal loans, business and commercial property finance and insurance.

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Purchasing a property with your self-managed superannuation fund -Gold Coast - Brisbane
If you plan to be a self-funded retiree, there is an option to purchase property within a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). An SMSF must be run for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits for the members (trustees) or their dependants. Unlike mainstream superannuation funds, t
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Tips to saving money on your mortgage - Gold Coast - Brisbane
Once you’ve dutifully saved up your deposit and bought a home, there is a little thing called the mortgage that needs to be repaid before you can say you own your own home. As we know, banks lend us their money to complete the house purchase so we spend many years, sometimes up to as long as 30
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Self-managing your investment property vs employing a property manager - Gold Coast - Brisbane
Purchasing an investment property can be a huge achievement in one’s lifetime. Getting to the point where you can begin to build a property portfolio can be hugely rewarding and help to set you up for retirement. Purchasing property are likely to be the biggest and most expensive purchase you w
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Tips on refinancing your home loan - Gold Coast - Brisbane
If you have an existing home loan and you’re not happy with your current lender or your home loan interest rate, you can seek to refinance your home loan with Nexhome Finance. Refinancing is a way of changing the original conditions of the mortgage attached to your home. By replacing your exist
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First Home Owners Grants. What it means for you - Gold Coast - Brisbane
If you are looking to purchase a new home your first principal place of residence in Australia, the Australian Government currently offers a First Home Owners Grant to assist new home owners get into their first home sooner. At the time of writing, the initiative now extends to $20,000 for first
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The RBA. A guide to how it works - Gold Coast - Brisbane
The Reserve Bank of Australia is a body corporate wholly owned by the Commonwealth of Australia and is Australia’s central bank. Although it is called a bank it does not have any banking facilities. When The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), on 14 January 1960, became Australia’s central ban
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